Social engineering-spear phishing I was asked to click on a link and download an apk by my girlfriend and as soon as I downloaded it, it disappeared and I was asked to delete the apk (I do not have access to the link also)

Later I realized that it tracks permissions, media and keyboard(except of exactly who I’m texting to because of android sandbox)

I tried FACTORY RESET but the symptoms still persisted (like getting hacked again and my private info getting leaked,sim deduction and detection of sim card and permissions being asked again and again even though I allowed it)

I checked all the settings of my phone and nothing is abnormal(I’m not rooted)

I tried all avs but they all came clean and I’m certain that my android is infected with something

First and foremost I need to know how to DETECT the malware (to know which app is causing this) And second how to REMOVE the malware Thanks.

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