Yesterday, with both the House and Senate meeting in pro
forma session, there were 60 bills introduced. Four of those bills may receive
additional attention in this blog:

To amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to exclude certain propane
storage facilities from certain chemical security standards under the
Department of Homeland Security, and for other purposes. Finstad,
Brad [Rep.-R-MN-1]

To enhance safety requirements for trains transporting hazardous
materials, and for other purposes. Johnson,
Bill [Rep.-R-OH-6]

To establish a grant program for use of “internet of things”
technologies in airports, and for other purposes. Nehls,
Troy E. [Rep.-R-TX-22]

To direct the Secretary of Transportation to establish a program to
provide grants to local governments to install publicly accessible safety
charging stations for electric bicycles and scooters, and for other purposes. Velazquez,
Nydia M. [Rep.-D-NY-7]

I will be covering HR 1623 and HR 1633.

I will be watching HR 1648 and HR 1665 for language and
definitions that would specifically include cybersecurity requirements within
the scope of the requirements of the legislation.

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