Godot Arrives In the Epic Games Store
The open-source, cross-platform Godot Engine has arrived in the Epic Games store. “Starting today, you can choose to use EGS to download the engine and keep it up to date with every release,” writes the company in a blog post. From the release: Epic Games is a long-time supporter of Godot, and thanks to their contributions we have been able to improve our rendering pipeline as well as our built-in scripting language, GDScript — the fruits of that work are now visible in the newly released Godot 4.0!

The Godot build you can download from EGS is the exact same open source release as on other platforms. Being present on more storefronts opens a new convenient avenue for more users to find the engine and begin their game development journey. You can of course still download Godot Engine from other platforms, or clone its source code from the Git repository and build it yourself. And if you do, you are more than welcome to contribute to Godot’s development too!

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