AIOps is no mere buzzword. It’s a next-level market that paves the way for modernization by more fully connecting IT health and efficiency with business outcomes. How critical is that connection? Just last year, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram sustained a six-hour downtime due to a router misconfiguration — a relatively simple error that might have been avoided with the help of better system health insights.

The downtime resulted in a decrease of 4.9% in shares, or a $47 billion loss of revenue. So, yeah, pretty critical.

This example is just one cautionary tale that illustrates how IT and business operations can no longer afford to be separate parts of the same ecosystem. They should function more like a single organism, continually in sync to promote the success of your business. Yet, with critical IT infrastructure handling an ever-increasing volume of data and digital activity, the resulting complexity can become overwhelming. To avoid overload, organizations must modernize, and AIOps is essential for that journey forward.

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