2 days ago i downloaded a free poser 3d from a website. after i downloaded it i went to open the setup.exe then after i opening it my windows defender suddenly notify me that i have this virus called Trojan:Win32/Tiggre!rfn, fter seeing the notification i deleted the file(poser3d) and quarantined the virus then removed it after searching what the virus can do to my laptop. after removing it i downloaded avg antivirus to run a deep scan to check if theres still virus but luckily there’s none already. i felt calm that the virus is gone so i already went to sleep (it was night when i was notified by windows defender). at morning i opened my laptop to check if there is updates from my favorite artist on twitter but my accounts(i have 2 twt accounts) were already suspended so i checked my profile and the 2 accounts have few tweets about nft (i never had interest in crypto or nft so i would never tweet something like that) after finding that out i reset my laptop.

ok so i want to ask if the virus is gone andif not would it also affect my facebook?

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