How Bug Bounty Platform HackerOne Handled Its Own ‘Internal Threat’ Actor
Bug bounty platform HackerOne has “a steadfast commitment to disclosing security incidents,” according to a new blog post, “because we believe that sharing security information far and wide is essential to building a safer internet.”

But now they’ve had an incident of their own:
On June 22nd, 2022, a customer asked us to investigate a suspicious vulnerability disclosure made outside of the HackerOne platform. The submitter of this off-platform disclosure reportedly used intimidating language in communication with our customer. Additionally, the submitter’s disclosure was similar to an existing disclosure previously submitted through HackerOne… Upon investigation by the HackerOne Security team, we discovered a then-employee had improperly accessed security reports for personal gain. The person anonymously disclosed this vulnerability information outside the HackerOne platform with the goal of claiming additional bounties.

This is a clear violation of our values, our culture, our policies, and our employment contracts. In under 24 hours, we worked quickly to contain the incident by identifying the then-employee and cutting off access to data. We have since terminated the employee, and further bolstered our defenses to avoid similar situations in the future. Subject to our review with counsel, we will also decide whether criminal referral of this matter is appropriate.

The blog post includes a detailed timeline of HackerOne’s investigation. (They remotely locked the laptop, later taking possession of it for analysis, along with reviewing all data accessed “during the entirety of their two and a half months of employment” and notification of seven customers “known or suspected to be in contact with threat actor.”)

“We are confident the insider access is now contained,” the post concludes — outlining how they’ll respond and the lessons learned. “We are happy that our previous investments in logging enabled an expedient investigation and response…. To ensure we can proactively detect and prevent future threats, we are adding additional employees dedicated to insider threats that will bolster detection, alerting, and response for business operations that require human access to disclosure data….”

“We are allocating additional engineering resources to invest further in internal models designed to identify anomalous access to disclosure data and trigger proactive investigative responses…. We are planning additional simulations designed to continuously evaluate and improve our ability to effectively resist insider threats.”

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