I am completely new to this subreddit and I was hoping I could get some help here. I have scanned two files (both of one old abandonware game) to see if they contain viruses with Windows Defender. Nothing showed up. I have then proceeded to scan them both before and after the installation (only their respective .exe after installations) on the site Virus Total.

Before installation they showed very few positive flags which I have read could potentially be false positives. After the installation their .exe showed different results. One has lit up like a Christmas tree and the other still showed quite tame number of positive flags.

Can you please tell me if any of these folders are safe to install. Windows Defender did not detect any threats with direct scan neither before nor after installation with both files. But it has detected several threats quite some time after the installation and game running beforehand. How serious these threats are and is it possible to clean the system off of them. I have run it on VM Win 10 and would like to not have to erase everything from it. I will provide Virus Total links for each scan that I did.

Now, one maybe stupid question, is it possible to clean those files from the viruses and play the game safely? This game is very old and not very well, plus abandoned which makes it extra difficult to obtain.

First version scan of the installer before installing:

First version scan of the .exe after installing:

Second version scan of the installer before installing:

Second version scan of the .exe after installing: (littered with red flags)

I do also posses download links for both versions but I did not know if I can post them nor did I want somebody to download it by mistake. If it would help determining if they are safe or can be cleaned from threats I will provide them. Also if there is better subreddit for post like this, please tell me which one. Thank you in advance.

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