The Edge is not a new place, but it is garnering lots of attention, especially when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. In fact, AI is the number one workload for the edge, according to Moor Insights & Strategy in the newly published paper, “Delivering the AI-Enabled Edge with Dell Technologies.” The paper also points out that numerous organizations across all industries are extending the reach of their IT infrastructures to the edge, with many of them being directed from the top down.

Edge Dynamics and Requirements

As we move further into a world of autonomous operations, whether it be with self-driving vehicles or automated manufacturing lines, the combination of AI and the edge, along with a robust and scalable enterprise IT infrastructure, is required to bring full automation to fruition. However, the pairing of AI and edge adds new levels of complexity, with many edge devices and endpoints being located in less secure environments, where devices will need to be hardened against weather and theft.

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