What No Man Has Seen Before: Remastering Deep Space Nine To Maximum Quality
Dputiger writes: After nine months of work, I’ve published workflows, example videos, and screenshots showing how to restore Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from the rather potato quality of its DVDs to something you could plausibly call HD equivalent. These are the results. “With careful processing and good upscaling, it’s possible to give Deep Space Nine a clarity that I think approaches that of what’s typically referred to as ‘HD’ content, though it’s still limited to the NTSC color gamut as opposed to later standards like Rec. 709,” writes Joel Hruska via ExtremeTech. “At its worst — allowing for some deviations from perfection — it’ll still look like the best damn DVD you’ve ever seen. At its best — and I consider the shot of Sisko up there to be one of the best — I’d argue that he, at least, comes across in HD levels of detail.”

The article “is not a step-by-step tutorial on how to perform this process,” Hruska writes, adding, “that will be its own project.” There will, however, be enough information that anyone with a passing knowledge of AviSynth “should be able to recreate both approaches.”

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